Vacuum-packed Prosciutto di Parma



The history of Gelmini‘s brand started with packaging machines for the food industry, and over the years has developed with machines for processing sausages, and ham in particular. The vacuum packaging machines are designed for packaging the typical products of the Italian Food Valley, as for instance Prosciutto di Parma. They can handle even large sizes thanks to their special features like stainless steel hood, fast cycle speed, Made-in-Italy pump, and the possibility for customization. Vacuum packaging machines allow to adjust the vacuum (between 96% and 99.9%) according to the product to be handled, and guarantee a residual minimum of less than 0.5%. Thanks to the double sealing bar, these machines can use both polypropylene bags and large aluminium bags. Available in various models (equipped with tilting hood or belt) and a variety of additional equipment (inert gas, production waste recovery, ejector), they are characterized by their sturdiness, ease-of-use and simple maintenance.