Vacuum packaging technology for small or medium sized


Sealed Air Cryovac has packed the latest advances in vacuum packaging technology into the new VS20-BC. The semi-automated vacuum packaging system is designed for packaging small or medium-sized industrial or consumer units of meat and cheese in the current range of Cryovac bags, efficiently and hygienically. It is available with three operating modes: manual, semi-automated and automated. The operator places the products on the internal, buffer infeed conveyor (belt) and then presses the start button. As soon as the chamber cover closes, the vacuum cycle begins and at the end of the cycle, vacuumised products exit via the outfeed rollers. Electricity and compressed air are the only two external services required. High automation levels and easy loading lead to reduced labor, an integrated buffer saves space and the new machine is ideal for inclusion in existing packaging line layouts. The vacuum control system (VCS) is ideal for packaging wet and moist products. The possibility to run the machine in manual mode allows the operator to make the most efficient use of the vacuum chamber.

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