Vacuum packaging machine


Cryovac VS2X machine not only provides technological and functional improvements to increase operational efficiency, it also offers a total approach in strengthening the customer’s business and brand. And, with Sealed Air’s expertise in the total value chain of fresh red meat (FRM), smoked and processed dairy solid processors, the machine has been tailor-made for small or medium producers of products that require packing in vacuum shrink bags. This is controlled by PLC programmable logic system that monitors and controls the operating sequences through a touch screen control panel and operating software with six different programs for customized packaging. A variable speed drive (VSD) controls the conveyor motor lung, while the belt is run by an electrically-operated servo. Operational efficiency is increased thanks to the implementation of the synchronized belt transport system for accurate product positioning; an automatic bag neck guide facilitates product transfer from buffer to chamber conveyor; an automatic downstream product transfer ensures minimum manual handling. Only one operator is needed for a maximum production capacity of up to 2.5 cycles per minute. The machine’s design allows easy access for cleaning and meets European regulations on safety and hygiene.

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