Twice the service life, same price: igus presents new plastic ball bearings



Lubrication-free all-rounder xiros S180 series from igus for versatile applications in technologies ranging from textile to food processing.

With the xiros S180 ball bearings, the Cologne-based motion plastics specialist is launching a new series of polymer ball bearings on the market and will present them at the 2015 Motek. The universal bearings have a very low wear, are FDA compliant, have twice the service life compared to the all-rounder xiros B180, and are available at the same price.

xiros plastic ball bearings from igus offer a versatile alternative to metallic solutions. Due to the lubricant-free operation and low weight of the bearing, they are ideal for demanding applications in which these criteria are crucial. As an autumn release in 2015, igus presents the new black material xirodur S180 and offers three installation sizes of the new xiros S180 series. “The ball bearings are available in the dimensions according to DIN 625 for single row deep groove ball bearings 608 with eight millimetre inner diameter, 6000 with ten millimetre inner diameter and 6003 with 17 millimetre inner diameter,” explains Marcus Semsroth, head of the xiros polymer ball bearings division. Other sizes are already being planned. The ball bearings consisting of inner race, outer race and the cage that holds the balls made of stainless steel 1.4401, are completely made of the new material, which is manufactured in state-of-the-art injection moulding process. They are also FDA compliant and can therefore be used in all applications involving unpackaged foodstuffs.

The new material xirodur S180 has properties similar to the known white all-rounder material xirodur B180. “We can offer the new black material xirodur S180 to our customers at the same price as xirodur B180, although it has an even longer service life,” promises Marcus Semsroth. Like all other xirodur materials made of friction-optimised high-performance plastics, these cost-effective xirodur B180 and S180 xirodur series are distinguished by their freedom from maintenance and corrosion, high chemical resistance and the low price. The new xiros ball bearings of the xiros S180 series, like the other series, are available from stock at igus and delivered from 24 hours.