Thermoformed trays


A few degrees of difference in temperature may compromise the quality of any dairy product, whether it is cheese, milk or mozzarella. For this reason each product must be packaged with adequate containers until consumption. Termostampi offers a wide range of containers, among which there are thermoformed tubs obtained with simultaneous forming and cutting (cutting punch against cutting die). Made in 1.2-mm thick polystyrene, they guarantee good folding resistance. Especially for mozzarella cheese, which has a liquid fraction, there are special containers that are sealed on the base with a film (aluminium or plastic polymer), preventing any dripping. The material used is always polystyrene, but white and not transparent. When a container has to be produced in different sizes but with the same forming and cutting diameter or perimeter, they can be produced on the same mould by simply changing the bottoms and/or inserts. Thus customers do not have to buy a mould for each product, but only one that can be used to produce different formats, heights and capacities.