Temperature-controlled units


Idea Freddo is a Sogese trademark, which identifies services to support companies in their growing process by supplying (also by renting) temperature-controlled units used to stock and preserve goods and thermo-sensitive materials. Reefer units are available in different sizes and offer different performances in order to fulfill the market’s requests, from 2.40 to 12 m length. The entrance is allowed by a double leaf door on the short side, the lighting of the room is given by an integrated electric system and the parameters of temperature and humidity are kept constant by an engine, also integrated in the unit, which can work from –40 to +40°C, consuming averagely less than 3 kW/h. The engines are electrically powered but without electricity the units can work with the use of generators diesel fuel included. Idea Freddo is a convenient solution to create, temporarily or on a longterm basis, temperature controlled extra rooms, to preserve any products which could turn out to be sensitive to temperatures and external humidity.

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