Tecno Pack, Made in Italy packaging machines

Evolution of Tecno Pack horizontal packaging machines, FP 021 S achieves a performance of 150 packages/min.

Since 1985, Tecno Pack’s mission is to provide packaging machines for any type of food product, with any type of wrapping material and a wide choice of packaging technologies.

Located in Schio, province of Vicenza, an area of the Veneto region rich in factories and large industries, Tecno Pack built its first packaging machines in 1985. The company’s facilities today occupy more than 6000 sq.m. space for the design and manufacture of machines to meet the packaging needs of the entire food industry. Over the years, the Company has acquired, and relaunched, Euroimpianti (palletizing systems for packaged products, laser and automated guided vehicles), General System Pack (automatic packaging machines and plants) and IFP Packaging (from entry-level packaging machines to end-of-line systems).

Thanks also to these acquisitions, the current Tecno Pack Group can propose a global technological offer: from product production to packaging, from primary packaging to palletization through secondary and tertiary phases, always in total automation. The industries that turn to the Group can benefit from the experience developed over the decades with the world’s major food groups, in the certainty of having complete plants that are sustainable because they can use both paper and organic and compostable films, with components and automations that reduce energy consumption. The extensive catalogue includes best-selling machines, customizable thanks to a wide range of options and functions, and new entries that consider market and technological developments.

The latest addition to the Tecno Pack range, the FP 100 E Dual Lane is a concentrate of technology for the most demanding applications.

Modified atmosphere packaging

The FP210 E is an electronic machine specifically designed for modified atmosphere packaging that guarantees perfectly sealed packages thanks to the “box motion” sealing system. The combined use of motors and linear actuators in the handling of the cross-sealing unit results in aesthetically good-looking packages with high quality side gussets.  Its cantilevered frame and easy access for cleaning and maintenance, reduce to the minimum the need for maintenance and cleaning interventions.

The wide range of optional devices allows to satisfy a wide range of needs: Automatic roll change; photocell for printing registration; web width 760/920 mm; gas intake; coder; powered feed roll; gusseting devices; pack deflating devices; second sealing head; no product-no bag; product phase check before sealing head; color touchscreen; easy-opening package; outfeed packs control; outfeed conveyor extension; stainless steel version. Basic technical specifications make it a first-class machine: Performance up to 100 packs/min; product size 400×180 mm; reel o.d. 350 mm and i.d. 70 to 76 mm; machine weight 1300 kg approximately; machine size 5400x1320x1750 mm; motion control with integrated PLC; installed power 8 kW; compressed air supply 6 bar (dry and filtered air); compressed air consumption 50 NL/cycle. The packaging machine can handle heat-sealable films as wrapping materials.

The wrapping materials used on Tecno Pack packaging machines include both paper and organic and compostable films.

Horizontal Wrappers

The horizontal packaging machine FP 021 S is the result of the evolution of Tecno Pack machines and of many years of experience in the field of horizontal products’ packaging. Featuring a flexible and electronic format change-over, this machine is extremely versatile, suitable for food and non-food products, both for single-dose or multiple packages. Its cantilever design and easy accessibility simplify maintenance, and its total sanitization provide the necessary safety required for food products.

The machine provides top technical features: Performance up to 150 packages/min; machine size 4860x1190x1500 mm; weight 650 kg; reel dimensions 520/720/920 mm; outside diameter 350 mm and inside diameter 68 to 75 mm. The product dimensions are variable: Width from 10 to 250 mm; height from 1 to 120 mm; length from 60 to 600 mm. The usable wrapping materials are heat-sealable, coated, cold-sealable polyethylene films. FP 100 E box motion is a concentrate of technology for the most demanding food industries. It operates at high speed and is built on the technological evolution pursued over the years by Tecno Pack.

Motion control via PLC, brushless motors with integrated electronics and touch-screen operator interface characterize the latest generation of Tecno Pack packaging machines.

This flow-pack a fully electronic packaging machine, featuring cantilever frame to be easily sanitized, motorized film unwinding calender, side-sealing unit with two independent motors, transversal sealing units, both long-dwell (with the innovative fast change-over system) and high-speed box motion. The box motion version is presently the fastest prolonged sealing system of this type to date. In fact, it can combine the versatility of traditional D-like motion cut-seal machines, also known as long-dwell, with the versatility of translating cut-seal machines, aptly known as box motion.

The new packaging machine FP 100 E is suitable for integration into automatic lines thanks to its ultimate operational precision, design and solutions studied for high sanitization, ergonomics, mechanic and electronic stability, high-speed for prolonged sealing; controlled atmosphere (MAP); micrometric dosing of liquids (alcohol, anti-mold); integration into advanced print systems, upstream and downstream interaction with any integrated systems; easy and user-friendly touch screen; reliability and long service life.