Technical steel springs


DIM has been marketing standardized technical springs since 1985, and in 2011 it completed its range of compression, extension and disc springs, spirals and assortment boxes with torsion springs. They are 280 wire articles from 0.50 to 2.50 mm in two materials: steels with high carbon content (EN10270.1-SH) and stainless (EN10270.3-NS). In 2012 it renewed and reorganized the warehouse, to offer higher flexibility and timeliness in the management of orders, which today can be fulfilled within 24 hours from the receipt in the almost totality of cases. The product quality is assured by the provisioning by certified national suppliers, as warranty of a certain constancy and repeatability of batches. The catalogue, which due to the completeness and homogeneity of data can be used as technical consultation text, is a valid support for customers in the design phase. In particular, it is dedicated to the sector of bottling plants and related devices such as labelling and/or packaging systems that use high quality and precision springs in small quantities.

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