Tanks for food storage, guarantee of a quality product


aperturaImcar developed a new system for the construction of storage tanks for a wide range of industry sectors. All liquid food products can benefit from it: milk, wine, beer, fruit juice, etc.

Founded in 1955, Imcar established itself on the international market as a leading company specializing in the construction of plate and profile bending machines. From the original seat in Carate Brianza, Imcar soon moved to the present headquarters located in Concorezzo, close to Milan and near to the main roads network. Nowadays the company’s production facility extends over area of 6000 square meters, of which 4000 sqm covered. The range of products includes standard plate bending machines with two, three, four rolls, with or without CNC, suitable for bending different thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 100 mm, and lengths ranging from 500 to 6000 mm. One of the company’s show pieces is the innovative system for the vertical production of tanks, a quality system developed for a wide range of sectors, including the food industry (wine, milk, beer, fruit juice). With this technology high quality products with a constant quality level can be manufactured; furthermore it prevents material contaminations.


foto 1
Automatic welding systems: Imcar’s shear and flanging machine

Safe storage of liquid foodstuff
Imcar’s vertical storage systems provide optimization of production times and working space. Furthermore, they reduce the number of skilled labour while cutting the times and costs of the end-product. It is a safe technology, as no plastic cover material is needed, and no inside rings are needed to connect rings; furthermore, it does not include the “barrel” effect. This technology also offers the possibility of building tanks starting from sheets or coils, and provides fast and easy coil replacement. In case of need, it also offers the possibility of “on site” production. Imcar’s vertical technology is the latest version of the special units which, starting from the coil, allows the effective production of tanks, and includes all involved steps, such as: bending, cutting and welding up to the finished product. Attention to quality and search for the best manufacturing methods enable the company to offer turn-key plants, including assembly, start-up and personnel training.

foto 2
Imcar’s 200-ton frame press

Optimised production
The list of equipment suggested by Imcar for optimized production focussed on quality (end result) and quantity (higher production) is quite long, and includes all production steps. The varied composition of the working stations can be as follows: pre-bending (decoiler, protection paper unwinding, bending, cleaning of the outer surface, vertical cutting, vertical welding, vertical weld cleaning); tank production (circular alignment, circular welding, compression and cleaning of circular welding); cooling and heating (flat or rounded duct, welding of the heating/cooling duct, production of cooling panels); production of bottoms (rotary shears, flanging unit for dished and flanged ends); production of footrests and supports (conical or square footrests). The last step includes the first tests at Imcar’s facilities, as well as assembly, start-up, production, and personnel training at customer’s site.