Steam generators


Tecnovap steam generator combines the power of dry saturated steam (10 bar-180°C) with the mechanical force of water at high pressure (150 bar) to guarantee high cleaning efficiency in winery. The main features of equipment are a quick running with a high thermal output, single compact units, completely automatic equipment with an easy installation and maneuvering as well as maximum usage safety. The water feeding is done by an electrical pump with a non-return valve, an automatic operation is possible due to an automatic level regulator. For winery sector, Bacchus Line is designed and manufactured suitable for sterilization of bottling lines and vaporization of wooden barrels without the usage of any chemicals, just by using steam. Steam generators have been especially designed for the steam cleaning of small and medium equipment, due to the advantages of medium pressure steam. Water capacity varies from model to model: water tanks are up to 20 liters and can also be directly connected to the water net. The power capacities ranges from 3.6 to 36 kW and the pressure up to 6 bar.

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