Stainless steel Aisi 304 proofing cabinets on wheels


MCE-Meccanica proposes the proofing cabinet on wheels Mod. CAB-T. Housing and trays support are made of AISI 304 stainless steel, with panels thermally insulated with 60 mm polyurethane foam.

The cabinet is suitable for Euronorm trays type 40X60, GN1/1, GN2/1, equipped as standard with 20 pairs of corner pieces. The general features are: Magnetic gasket, closure assisted by zipper with spring action, air flow along the walls, stainless steel door with AISI 304 handle (optional glass door).

The air treatment unit includes: humidification and heating with immersed resistance Incoloy 800, temperature up to +45 ° C, relative humidity between 40% and 95%, IP44 enhanced aluminium fan. Temperature and humidity electronically managed with room probes.

Technical details are: maximum power absorbed in operation 2.5KW; water inlet with washing machine type connection; 220V single-phase power supply with traditional socket; overhead electricity and water connection; external overall dimensions 710x810x2150 mm.