Smart lobe pumps


Omac has constantly developed Series C and introduces three new models: C110, C115 and C270, whose volumetric capacity if 0.17, 0.21 and 0.38 l/rev. respectively for maximum pressure 5/13 bar with increased clearances rotors. C110 and C115 models are provided with DN40 connections, C270 with DN50 connections. Designed to attain the highest hygienic standard, the lobe pumps are as easily fully cleanable as to enable hot water consumption and reduce the use of chemical products for their cleaning. The materials used, surface finishing and all the characteristics of the design have enabled to get EHEDG certification. All the parts that come into contact with the product are made in stainless steel 1.4404, pump body is cast with integral connections without welding. The rotors have been designed as to reach the best efficiency and cause less damage to the product at the same time. The pumps offer further energy saving, less power thanks to less internal friction and efficiency improvement thanks to the possibility of selecting three different tolerances of the rotors.

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