Skimming of cold milk

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CremaViva, the unique separator without centripetal pumps,produced by Andritz Frautech for milk skimming at low temperatures. It ensures gentle treatment of milk fat globules, for a higher quality end product.

High quality and energy savings are the targets to be reached by all milk and dairy factories worldwide. With more than 100 years experience in the milk and dairy sector working closely with customers, Andritz Frautech developed a unique technology: CremaViva, the first cold milk separator without centripetal pumps for skimming at 5°C. Ensuring gentle treatment of milk fat globules, the separator produces higher quality cream at low temperature, with significant energy savings. The end product remains alive and maintains its taste, hence the name “CremaViva”.

High viscosity, no problem
Cold milk skimming is becoming the preferred solution over warm milk skimming by dairy factories looking for higher quality products and lower energy consumption. Cold milk separation is usually carried out at temperatures ranging between 5°C and 20°C. Due to the low temperature, the high viscosity may adversely affect the quality of the end product, if the treatment is not handled with great care. To avoid this risk, Andritz Frautech developed a new bowl without centripetal pumps, characterized by extraction tubes for product discharge. Both the skimmed milk and the cream are ejected from the separator only thanks to the initial hydrostatic thrust, allowing an extremely gentle flow, free from strong turbulence. The temperature increase between milk inlet and cream outlet is below 1°C. Thus, milk and cream maintain integral fat globules during separation and all the chemical-physical and organoleptic properties remain unchanged. CremaViva ensures a higher product quality for any kind of soft, hard, fresh or aged cheese or cheese made from raw whole milk. Furthermore, no more double heating with the use of cold milk skimming for producing powder milk or UHT products.

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CremaViva cold milk separator ensures a gentle treatment of milk fat globules producing higher quality cream at low temperatures

Hermetic design
The separator is fully hermetic thanks to special rotating mechanical seals. Only this hermetic design allows handling high cream concentrations at low temperatures, and at the same time it avoids air inclusion, therefore there is no risk of air inclusion or micronized foam forming within the separator. CremaViva is the first hermetic separator of the milk and dairy industry with feed on top; the bowl, which is in contact with the product, and the drive concept are kept entirely separate. This separator is belt-driven without any flushed seals so that there is no risk of product contamination by sealing water. Installation, start-up, service, and maintenance are simple as those of conventional separators (warm milk). To sum up, the advantages of CremaViva are: higher product quality, no risk of product contamination by the sealing water, zero damages to fat globules, low temperature increase (max. 1°C), no oxidation and no micronized foam, minimal downtimes and reduced service costs, easy to operate and maintain.

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CremaViva benefits

• Higher product quality
• No risk of contaminating the product with sealing water
• Minimal damage to fat globules
• Low temperature increase of only 1°C
• No oxidation
• No micronized foam
• Minimal downtimes
• Easy to operate and maintain





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