Seamers for beverage


B0119P 0057Thanks to continuous efforts in research and development, Zilli & Bellini are in the position to purpose different suitable solutions for filling food into rigid containers: glass jars and bottles, alluminium cans and tin plate cans, plastic jars and bottles. The new seamers for food and beverage industries is completely made in stainless steal. The main characteristic is very high rigidity of the structure respect of our competitors. The lubrication is automatic even for the seaming rolls. This means to improve the life of the machines and to minimize the maintenance costs. The automatic lid feeder has level sensor to check the lid presence. The machine stops automatically in case of shortage of lids. Each lid is fed from the magazine only if the the corrisponding can is present. All semers can handle both stailess steel or aluminum can type. Before to close the cans we can inject under cover: steam, CO2 or LN2. The lids can be open top, easy open or easy peel type. Zilli & Bellini can purpose seamers up to 10 heads to reach the speed of 900 container per minute.

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