Scamorza, Italian moulding machines for quality cheese

Automatic moulding machine CMT H4XM, with stainless steel structure Aisi 304 (UNI X 5 Cr Ni 18 10). The machine output ranges from 400 to 1000 kg/h, according to the cheese size
Automatic moulding machine CMT H4XM, with stainless steel structure Aisi 304 (UNI X 5 Cr Ni 18 10). The machine output ranges from 400 to 1000 kg/h, according to the cheese size

Next to the production of high-quality pasta filata cheese, the automatic moulding machines from CMT provide for perfect hygiene thanks to the automatic CIP washing system.

Since 1970 at the service of the milk and dairy industry, CMT is known worldwide for the machines for the production of pasta-filata cheese. Thanks to the constant effort in research and development, the company patented its whole range of products, developed and perfected in close cooperation with its Customers. Production potential, advanced technological level of numeric control equipment, and the experience of its technicians are the basic factors that led to the success of the company’s machines, which comply with the rules for hygiene and safety of any country.

Four feeding augers
For the production of a typical cheese like Scamorza, CMT proposes the moulding machine H4XM, consisting of a central body with the augers that push the pasta filata towards the moulding unit. The loading hopper is secured by means of screws to the upper section, and the whole structure rests on three tubular support legs. At the end of the auger unit, the moulding drum unit is located, which is secured to the machine body by means of a lever system. The pasta-filata arriving from the stretching machines is loaded into the hopper and taken up by the augers providing for the continuous feeding of the moulding unit; with adequate moulds, the moulding unit can produce different cheese shapes. The four augers used for conveying the pasta-filata are driven by an electric motor controlled via vectorial inverter and double speed variator. By turning a potentiometer located on the machine control board, it is possible to enter the output torque of the motor. The vectorial inverter allows the automatic speed variation according to the applied torque, and guarantees a continuous pressure onto the pasta-filata in the moulding unit. The moulding drum is operated by an electro-mechanical drive, with inverter for continuous control of the speed. The machine body features a jacket containing hot water used to maintain a constant temperature as required for processing pasta-filata. The augers are fully inspectable through the opening in the hopper.

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The augers of the automatic moulding machine H4XM are fully inspectable. All parts in contact with the product are Teflon-coated

The auger drive is far from the working area, for an easy inspection of their supports, which are equipped with flushed gaskets controlled via a solenoid valve and featuring a food-grade coating on the parts in contact with the product. This kind of seal provides for the perfect separation between motor drive and working area. The water released by a solenoid valve flows in the gap between the two gaskets (approx. 20 mm) only when the augers are moving. The replacement of the cylindrical drum-mould in a single block of aluminum (easy washing) is uncomplicated and fast thanks to the lever system, which provides for the perfect sealing between drum, dispenser and machine body, and prevents whey leakage. The motor drives the drum mould by means of a fluted coupling. A probe installed in the auger chamber detects the temperature of the pasta filata, and the value is displayed on the control board. The loading hopper features a stainless steel cover panel with washing system. The machine head is equipped with a plate fixed to the end of the auger unit, with two washing pumps that must be connected to the automatic washing system. Both units are connected to the machine only for the washing cycle at the end of the production phase. All contact parts with the product are Teflon-coated; the rounded edges with wide tip radius (>3 mm) provide for perfect washing and sterilization. All electric parts are installed into a tight electric cabinet. The power board is provided with a multiple cable (length 10 m).

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The moulding can be: automatic spherical with drum 10/600 g, semi-automatic cylindrical with carousel 50/500 g (braids) and 200/4000 g (Silani), continuous for braids and knot moulding, continuous for Scamorza

The Moulding machine Mod. H4XM
Size: 1.4×1.4×1.8 m
Weight: 300 kg
Installed power: 1,5 kW
CIP capacity: 4000 l/h
Voltage: 400 V – 3ph
Frequency: 50 Hz