Sanification Industry 4.0


Latik proposes a cleaning and sanitising system called Pulitak developed for modern food industries. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel and techno-plastic materials, the system minimizes microbial contamination caused by shoes when walking from one production department to another.

The system automatically starts with the weight of the body: By stepping on a platform, the operator activates a device, whose pneumatically operated brushes in an alternative rotative motion, for a uniform wear of the brushes. The sanitization occurs through the nozzles that spray disinfectant.

In order to remove the more resistant dirt, water dispensers can be installed that are controlled by the movement of the brushes. The extractable grid allows access to the brushes, for an easy maintenance. The system responds to the needs of Industry 4.0, because it can interconnect with other machines and equipment.

Hence, it is possible to locate in advance the onset of a malfunction and the need for an intervention before a machine stop. The digitisation of the control system allows the modification of the machine operation logic without costly hardware changes.

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