Spinning capsuling machine

Rotating turrets


The production range of Enolmeccanica Vallebelbo is able to satisfy the needs of the food and wine industry, and foresees customized solutions for every type of container, in plastic or glass, and every kind of closing system. The spinning capsuling machine shown, offers the possibility to perform two different types of closure with the same turret, in order to reduce obstructions and costs. The machine allows the combination of various closings, among which cork, aluminium screw, crown cap, T cap in the various combinations. The passage from one type of closing to another can be quickly obtained, by turning the turret 180° and performing the change of the dropping channel, of the tank of the capsule vibrating feeder and consequent adjustments. The maximum production is 2500 bottles/h with a height from 140 to 380 mm and a diameter of 55 to 115 mm. The spinning capsuling machines are designed and implemented with cad-cam 3D systems, simulators, numerical control centers. The materials (Aisi 304 stainless steel, plastic materials for food and steel alloys) are chosen to guarantee a long duration, while components can be easily found since they are produced by qualified companies.

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