Rotary cappers with six heads


The rotary capper with continuous movement and six capping heads from Tecnofluss is suitable to handle different types of caps (screw-caps, pilfer-proof caps or press-on caps) and achieves speeds of 6000 pph.

The machine frame is in stainless steel AISI 304, positioned on adjustable feed; it is equipped with safety protections complying with European standards.

The electrical equipment is controlled by PLC with operator touch-screen panel. The parts meant to transfer and move the bottles are made in HD polyethylene that guarantees minimum wear and minimum noise. The safety devices stop the machine in case of problems on the transport stars, so as not to break or damage the bottles. The independent rotation speed of the capping head is controlled with inverter.

Other features are: electronic capper height adjustment; automatic cap feeding with mechanical orientation or vibrator featuring an elevator for caps loading from the ground; missing-cap detection. The machine can be adapted to several cap formats thanks to diversified cap feeding systems. It can also be equipped with automatic rejection of uncapped bottles.

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