Rollermill for cereals


Golfetto Sangati (Pavan Group) presents the new version of the cereal Rollermill: Synthesis, a rolling mill which meets the strictest hygiene standards. It’s precise in the grinding regulation and maintenance is really easy, and also versatile thanks to modular construction that can meet every plant engineering need. With its sturdy but elegant structure, has a cast iron base, while all of the external parts that are in contact with the product are made of anodized extruded aluminum, with an internal cavity (double-layer), for thermal (steam) and acoustic insulation. The internal part is made up of electro welded or stainless steel. Aluminum 6060 complies with the EN 602 European regulations, and chemical composition is a standard for food industry. The supply chamber is broad, it has a trapezium shape with round edges, it is made of extruded aluminum, and its cavities do not allow the formation of steam. The micrometric adjustment system of the feeding and distribution of the product on the grinding rolls is precise and easy to use. The grinding Rolls are made of centrifugal cast iron, with high energization, diameter of 250 and 300 mm and length of 1000, 1250 and 1500 mm.

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