RFID, rugged full-metal tags defy even the harshest environments

RFID transponders in rugged all-metal construction with one-piece stainless-steel housing withstand the toughest environmental conditions

Low-frequency all-metal transponders from Contrinex are resistant to metal chips, dirt, alcaline cleaning agents and hot water. They withstand wash-down processes undamaged and are recommended for use in construction machines, cement works, the food industry and aluminum processing.

In situations too challenging for standard RFID components, stainless steel RFID transponders come into their own. Low-frequency all-metal read/write modules and tags (125 kHz, operating frequency: 31.25 kHz) have an IP68 protection rating and can therefore be used even under water. Models additionally rated to IP69K, a normal protection type for food industry use, will withstand high-pressure cleaning with hot water and highly chemically active detergents or disinfectants, such as hydrogen peroxide and products with alkaline or chlorine content. For these requirements, transponders are hermetically sealed in a one-piece stainless-steel housing with laser-welded backplate. However, aggressive cleaning agents are not alone in having no influence on low-frequency all-metal transponders. They also work faultlessly in stainless steel environments – even when embedded with only the transponder face visible. In addition mechanical wear, for example from aluminum chips or dirt particles, is practically non-existent. Low-frequency all-metal transponders from Contrinex are available for an operating temperature range of minus 40 to plus 180 degrees Celsius (minus 40 to plus 356 degrees Fahrenheit).


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