Refrigeration chillers system and adiabatic cooling


Frigel present many innovative technologies for the beverage market. Multistage system, composed of multiple chiller units, called modules, connected in series, in sequence, one after the other. Having such a connection guarantees that modules will be working progressively at higher temperatures with respect to a traditional parallel connected system.

This translates in an energy consumption reduction, with respect to a standard centralized system, that can go up to the 30%. LDK adiabatic cooling, capable of reducing the water consumption by the 95% with respect to cooling towers. The unit is available in four different versions, based on the temperatures required by the process and customer location.

Starting from dry -spray -adiabatic up to Hybrid cooler, LDK is able to cover a complete range of applications, with the highest performance and highest reliability in the market. The unit also offers a complete fan by fan redundancy and a broad modularity. RVM (in photo) is a mold cooling unit designed for preforms, caps and blown products.

Includes all the components required to cool down the mold: a high efficiency VFD screw compressor and a VFD high-pressure and high-flow process pump. The intrinsic efficiency and flexibility of the machine can guarantee consistent savings with respect to traditional systems. The RVM range covers a broad range of molds PET throughputs from 700 to 2350 kg/h.

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