Processing of tomatoes and fruit and vegetables


Ongoing research in innovation and technology has led Tred Technology to the development of two new plants alongside the existing line dedicated to the processing of fruit, vegetables and tomatoes: Cook-Mix 10 and Policook.

Cook-Mix 10, a counter-top unit (pictured) has an induction heating system that ensures energy savings and fast processing. In the tank, completely removable for complete sanitization, it is possible to scald or cook the product simply by installing the mixing paddle.

Once filled, the jars are placed on the rack in the tank to start the pasteurization cycle. The probe inside the can measures the temperature at the heart of the product. Policook, on the other hand, is a more flexible system because it has many functions: scalding, frying, pressure cooking, open air and vacuum, cooking, pasteurization, and sterilization. The machine, which already includes the P0/F0 calculation, can be prepared to the parameters of Industry 4.0.