Print&Apply system


Packlab, founded by a team of engineers and professional men with twenty-year experience in labelling and packaging sectors, belongs to PE Labellers group and is specialized in self-adhesive labelling systems production. Owing to highly specialized technical and electronic departments, can provide ad-hoc solutions to meet any demand of self-adhesive application, for a remarkable number of references worldwide. In addition to the wide range of linear self-adhesive labellers, Packlab presents the Print & Apply system for the product traceability, that prints and applies the label directly on any kind of pack. The Print & Apply system is available in two versions, the first one, with pneumatic piston for production speed up to 1.200 p/h, allows to apply the just printed label on steady or moving products, even not aligned on the conveyor. The second one, with direct contact system, for speed up to 9.000 p/h, is suitable to apply the label on moving products, aligned on the conveyor, even at different production speeds. Moreover, the second version is available with hinged applicator for labelling on the corner of the pack.

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