Roto T1/48 V EL

Press for synthetic cork


Presma has been designed Roto T1/48 V EL upon specific request of an Italian customer wanting to make T-shaped corks by automatic loading of plastic or wood heads of different size, without having to change the mould. Although plasticization group is horizontal, unlike previous versions, it is equipped with a head with vertical nozzle with lower injection. The injection hinged group, running by rotary movement, enables the nozzle to move nearer and to drive away; such configuration has also enabled to reduce overall size. The press has been designed with 48 single cavity mould-holders housing the stem of the mould only while its insert is used as lid. To beat the however reduced injection pressure of the mix of expanded thermoplastics necessary to fill the mould cavity, each station is equipped with a contrast pneumatic cylinder. This simple and functional closing system proposed guarantees correct seal and top-quality performance. As regards operations, this model is full electric for this choice has proved successful in terms of reliability and very low consumptions, lower than 4 kW/h.

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