Pre-concentrators for viscous products with solid particles


To dramatically reduce energy consumption, both in terms of steam and power, Ing. A. Rossi designed and produced Thor, a pre-concentrator available in different sizes and models. This technology allows to pre-concentrate natural tomato juice up to 10-12°Brix, and has been developed to pre-concentrate a wide range of products having a difficult intermediate viscosity, and a content of fiber and solid particles, which have a moderate tendency to sediment on the exchanging pipes.

Thanks to its modular construction, Thor can cover a wide range of evaporation capacities, from 3 to 100 tons/h of evaporated water. It ensures 24h operation for the entire tomato processing season, with the production of Cold Break and Hot Break semi-concentrates. Adjustments allow high flexibility, irrespective of the evaporation capacity and of the juice in-flow. Delicate evaporation is provided by the reduced temperature difference between the heating steams and the product.

The machine features automatic stand-by mode, without the need to replace the inlet product with water. The unit is equipped with several options, as the MVR (Mechanical Vapour Recompression), a device that minimises the amount of steam required for its operation, thus allowing significant savings in operating costs, a lower environmental impact and a reduction in the water requirements for the condenser.