Ponti S.p.A. chose P.E. Labellers for its products



The Ponti family has been developing the culture of taste for five generations, also thanks to its careful selection of raw materials and respect for tradition, since 1867. The Italian company is an acclaimed leader at an international level in the production of vinegar, pickles, food preserved in oil, dressings and ready-made sauces that are widely used all over the world. In 2015, the company purchased from P.E. LABELLERS two MODULAR TOP labelling machines fitted with servomotors with an 1120 mm diameter. The labelling machines consist of a FAST UNIT module and feature supports for plates, a central column and for stainless steel stretched elements. The two machines are designed for optical centring with optical fibre photocells and also have special universal stars to process various glass bottle formats in one case, and glass and PET in the other one, with no need to change equipment. One of the two machines reaches a maximum production speed of 19,000 BPH, while the other one can instead work at a speed between 24,000 BPH and 27,000 BPH. Given the success of these two supplies installed in its plant in Ghemme, in 2016 the company chose P.E. LABELLERS’ technology again by purchasing another two labelling machines with very similar features for its plants in Casier Treviso and Anagni Frosinone.