Liquid traps

Plate style liquid traps


Montenegro Tapered-Step design for plate-style series of Magnetic Liquid Traps is structured to hold ferrous debris against its solid tapered step to prevent wipe-off of tramp iron and fines even in high-density applications for volumes up to 40.000 litres per hour. By designing industry-leading Liquid Traps with the tapered-step, Bunting has increased the magnetic strength and reach-out into the product stream and the holding force is increased substantially as well. This is an ideal product for processes where higher viscosity products require purification. The tapered-step magnetic liquid trap comes equipped with powerful, high-energy neodymium magnets which are capable of handling a 150°C high temperature load. This makes them ideal for clean-and-place systems. Furthermore, all Bunting liquid traps can handle high-pressure processing lines; the 2” sized models are rated at 18 bar while the 3” and 4” models handle up to 14 bar. All Bunting liquid traps are tested at 150% of the rated pressure. Configurations include single plate-style in 2 and 3 inch sizes as well as dual plate-style traps in 2, 3 and 4 inch sizes.

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