Plants for fruits sterile packed in aseptic


Boema manufactures plants for the production of fruits sterile preps packed in aseptic. Here below you can find a short description of the key machines. The horizontal bowl with coil JPB 205 can work under sterile conditions and under vacuum, with the following advantages: efficiency, uniformity, quality of yeld, integrity.

The thermal transferring is made by an inner rotating coil that has an exchange surface significantly higher if compared to the traditional systems. The continuous product mixing made by coil avoids the formation of product areas that are not heated and grants that the product at output is even. In case starting from fresh fruits or IQF, can obtain jams or preps with fruits pieces or with whole fruits.

The second machine which is essential for the plant is the cooler YPB 207 working in batch, that cools under sterile conditions the fruits preps to be packed in aseptic environment. The product transferring between the bowl, the cooler and aseptic filling system is made by pressure differential.

As last machine there is the aseptic filling machine USA that is used to fill liquid and semi-dense products without pieces or with pieces up to 2″ max. In the case shown in the picture, the filling is made into aseptic minitanks by a flexible pipe pre-sterilised by Boema system.

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