Pizza shells forming


Minipan SYR3 Roto is a versatile solution to produce a broad range of products: baguette, pizza shells, snacks, biscuits and cookies are easy to make also thanks to a quick change over. The work flow is a unique three rolls head process the dough and push it in a die where it is shaped and delivered on a conveyor belt. If the dough is shaped into a thin layer a further rotary die cutting unit will provide the desired shape (for example pizza shells). After the rotary cutting station a conveyor belt will recover all the trim/web. Before being automatically placed on trays the products can be furtherly cut through a guillotine. Every machine part has been studied to be accessible by the operators for an immediate change over and also to be easily sanified. A touch screen HMI makes the machine user friendly and on request an app for your iPad can be provided, to operate the machine remotely. All features have been developed in cooperation with customers, ingredient suppliers and high-end food technologists, stressing Minipan’s market oriented attitude to deliver the best technology for highest efficiency.

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