Packaging of coffee capsules


To reinforce its presence on the coffee capsules market, Cellini has chosen Senzani Brevetti as trusted partner for the packaging of its products.

The first machine to run in production is the CM vertical cartoner in the picture, a vertical cartoning machine for packing Dolcegusto-compatible capsules at a speed of around 35 cartons per minute for the 16 capsules format, also treating the 10 capsules format.

The second machine is the TP cartoner, suitable for Nespresso-compatible capsules that are aligned by a robot prior to their filling into the box. This machine can run at a speed of around 600 capsules per minute, i.e. 60 cartons of 10 pieces each, and can handle three different size of boxes.

At the end of the packaging line, there is the WA wrap-around case packer, which creates a pre-set stack of cartons and wraps the grouping in a larger box.