Package sticks in pouches


Technology developed by AcmaVolpak allows to pack a stick into a stand up pouch in an upright position, guaranteeing both the accessibility and the fragrance of the product. The system is used in the food industry, to pack such products as sausages and salami, but has potential applications in many different sectors. Packing sticks at high speed, in a flexible pouch and within an inert gas environment, is a result which can be easily achieved using the new SI-280, a machine dedicated to flexible packaging, which guarantees both high performances and confection quality, designed to maximize overall equipment efficiency. This solution provided with an intermediate stick transport system, which receive product from two single weighers and discharge them in the right position. The controlled position of the sticks allows a proper insertion in the pouch, enabling a fast and precise closure. Furthermore, the intermediate carousel allows to receive the product from two individual fillers while the machine is operating in duplex. Such configuration can be used to pack sticks of variable sizes, dosed in a vertical position, in an inert gas environment (the percentage of oxygen inside the packaging is less than 2%). This solution has other possible application in different markets: bakery and confectionery.

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