P.E. Labellers once again global supplier for Monin Group


Established in 1912 in Bourges (central France) by George Monin, over the years the company reported impressive growth whilst remaining a strictly family-run firm. Now in its third generation, Monin is the top leading company on the syrups market; with 75 million bottles made on average every year, it operates in five continents and 100 countries. Monin has two plants in Europe, a production site in Florida that makes 10 million bottles for the US market alone and two sites in Asia serving the local market, a 75m euro turnover with 100 different syrup flavours. One of our clients already since 2005, in 2014 it reconfirmed its trust in our labelling systems, especially because of the advantage provided by P.E. LABELLERS of having a direct presence with its branches, consisting of sales and after-sales staff, for their production sites in France, the US, China and Malaysia. Indeed last year we provided two cutting-edge MODULAR PLUS 1120 labelling machines with 4 and 5 peninsula labelling machines, respectively, with mixed glue and self-adhesive technology; the first one was intended for its latest production site in Malaysia and the second one was installed in France at the beginning of 2015. There are currently other overseas projects underway.