Nitrogen gas generators for beer storage and dispensing



CLAIND nitrogen generators are a simple, reliable and cost-effective solution designed for beer, wine, and beverage dispensing. This completely automatic solution included an oil-free compressor. It is based on PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology, and can deliver pure nitrogen as well as various mixtures of nitrogen and CO2 via mixers. Air contact may damage the quality of fermented beer, changing its organoleptic properties and reducing its shelf-life. For this reason, beer producers protect beer with inert gases, such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide, or, even better, a mixture of both. Two steps require the use of mixtures of carbon dioxide and nitrogen: the filling of beer barrels and the dispensing. During the filling step, the air inside the barrels is entirely replaced with a pressurized inert gas atmosphere, or by an appropriate mixture of CO2 and N2, which govern the taste and level of acidity of the product.

TIVANOTo set the optimum proportions, CLAIND’s models TIVANO MIX offer different mixtures. In fact, according to the different versions (Tivano 1, 2, 3 Mix), these generators can supply different mixtures of nitrogen and carbon dioxide thanks to the mixers mounted on the outlets. The standard TIVANO can supply a minimum of 210 Nl/h nitrogen at the pressure of 3.6 bar and a purity of 99.5%. The generated nitrogen is stored in an external tank (usually 50 or 100 litres), directly connected to the generator by a flexible pipe, in order to support consumption peaks. TIVANO MIX is available in three models, according to the number of mixtures available. Version 1 generates one mix of nitrogen and carbon dioxide, whereas Version 3 allows the simultaneous generation of three mixes through three different outlets. This is particularly useful if several types of beer are produced, requiring different treatments and, hence, different gas mixes. For instance, 60% N2 / 40% CO2 for semi-sweet beers with a soft foam, 70% N2 / 30% CO2 for bitter beers. The choice of the proper proportion depends on the characteristics of beer, and can vary between 30 and 70%. By choosing a CLAIND nitrogen generator customers select technology and quality built on over thirty years of experience.