New vacuum sealing machine for operational efficiency and packaging integrity



With its new VS9X vacuum chamber belt machine, Sealed Air is raising the bar in productivity, hygiene, maintenance and performance monitoring. The sealing bar length of up to 1,200 mm is the key to high capacity. A speed-controlled integrated vacuum booster pump enables fast cycle speeds, leading to three vacuum cycles per minute. Production efficiency goes hand in hand with the sectorā€™s highest demands for food safety. All-round machine access, including chamber actuation allowing a 400 mm chamber opening allow effective, thorough cleaning. Closing the loop to cost-saving, resultant easy maintenance means reduced downtime. The VS9X comes in two versions, one with a standard infeed conveyor and the other with an integrated buffer conveyor for further labour cost reduction and easy line or automation integration. Both are compatible with all sealed Air bag packaging innovations, including easy opening systems.

The operational efficiency benefit spectrum of the VS9X stretches from easy integration at the set-up, right through to excellent pack appearance at the end of the process. It can be easily linked in to upstream and downstream equipment for minimal manual handling. The storage of 15 recipes in the machineā€™s memory facilitates fast setting changes via a touch-screen. Food safety and shelf life extension are added to the equation during the vacuum packing thanks to consistently excellent seal quality provided by the UltraSealĀ® microprocessor controlled sealing system and extended shelf life due to an advanced Vacuum Control System (VCS). Monitoring the production line using PakFormanceĀ® Insight directly contributes to machine uptime and effectiveness with its unrivalled combined capacity for remote connectivity and process visibility. Brand building potential, through highly attractive product presentation, stems from the tight-fitting appearance afforded by UltravacĀ® technology, a built-in bag neck cutting system, plus two different sealing bar heights.

Saving financial and natural resources are part and parcel of the same package in the new VS9X. An automatic power saving facility kicks in when the machine is not in use for a specified period. The vacuum pump can also be started and stopped remotely via an electrical interface. In addition to the energy savings, the sealing bar cooling does not require any water. Swiss design joins forces with highly reliable components to make a measurable and lasting difference to sustainability, food safety, shelf life extension, brand building and operational efficiency.