New long goods dryer


The Bühler Ecothermatik dryer is a new development for drying long goods pasta. The control of the drying air means that the dryer requires up to 40% less thermal energy, 20% less cooling energy and 10% less electrical energy. All this by producing the highest quality of pasta with regard to appearance, cooking characteristics and breakage resistance. This is rounded off by the system’s excellent ease of maintenance and high food safety. The dryer optimizes thermal energy usage with exhaust air flows being used for in-process heat recovery. Further savings can be made thanks to optimized aerodynamic concepts and the use of energy-efficient fans. The drying concept begins in the pre-dryer; a new climate control system and more humid drying air prevent the surface of the pasta from becoming glassy. The pasta remains in a rubber state throughout the entire drying process. The advantages are stress-free drying, outstanding cooking characteristics and the option of adjusting the pasta color in the stabilization phase. The elements’ large cross-section not only ensure constant air circulation with low pressure loss, but also allow easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

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