Multipurpose ravioli machine


LB Italia produces Five Machine in One: mixer, sheeter, cutter, extruder & ravioli, for the independent production of ravioli, dough-sheet, noodles of several sizes and length. The dough can be obtained with any type of flour of the traditional pasta made with white flour, durum semolina, filled pasta and non, with the addition of eggs, water and flavoured powders.  Extrusion ravioli/tagliatelle of all types of short and long pasta is possible by using the suitable dies. Construction data: continuous output 80/100 kg/hours of laminated pasta one stainless steel mixing tank with stainless steel shaft and blades; one laminator with stainless steel rollers; one conveyor belt to form the pasta roll, completed with micro-switch which stops the belt when the roll if formedone ravioli machine to produce double-sheet ravioli, with two couples of rollers with adjustable thickness; one filling feeding system. The machine is sold with one ravioli die included (standard size, at choice). An automatic pasta cutter completed with three standard noodles sizes and possibility to produce sheet of pastry for lasagne thanks to a special cutting system, it is possible to regulate product length and weight.

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