Multi-head dosers/weighers


The semi-automatic electronic weigher DPCV XS features 1 vibrating feed channel and weighing platform in stainless steel AISI 304 with loadcell. Made by Gandus, this compact machine is designed for dosing fine or coarse volume products and filling of pre-formed bags and containers in general.

The channel can be adjusted with separate intensity vibration setting and two dosing steps: roughing and finishing. The doser is equipped with weight indicator SE-03 for the management of weighing and dosing steps. Simple and intuitive programming menu; large display; small size; programmable or manual calibration; vibrating plane intensity variation; no compressed air: These are just some of the machine’s strengths.

The system includes: stainless steel product loading hopper with product flow control damper; weighing table 200×200 mm in stainless steel; electric panel. The system does not need any connection to compressed air.