Monobloc bottling machine: a patent for every need

The B1500 line is dedicated to small, medium and big manufacturers that need to bottle olive oil, vinegar, wine and spirits. It weighs 1500 kg and its dimensions are 700x200x210 cm

Protected by some industrial patents (Bertani), Polaris bottling lines can fill and cork/cap automatically bottles of any shapes, traditional cylindrical or square, truncated cone shaped, rectangular, square below and round above (“fiorentine”) and also little amphora. Polaris also handles decorated bottles, as well as all those that previously were filled only with manual or semi-automatic machines. Target sectors include liqueurs, spirits, high-sugared syrups, oilseed and olive oils, balsamic and wine vinegar, seasonings, wine, juices and beverages. The monobloc is in stainless steel; its configuration enables a wide range of customization through the installation of different operationalĀ  heads: rinser/blower, filler, leveler, capper, dispenserĀ for heat-shrink caps, orienting unit, pressure sensitive labelers, thermal printer, health and safety guards (spirits). This device has three strong points:Ā  bottle handling, size change, label application

Three ultimate advantages

For bottle handling, Polaris doesnā€™t use stars, feeders or other accessories specific for the bottle shape and capacity but different solutions. Set on a conveyor that carries them to the monobloc, bottles are transported by a chain with side rails that stretch when the bottles pass through them andĀ  hold their sides to lock the containers under the different operational heads. The size change takes from ten to thirty minutes at most, starting from the regulation of handling devices. Once the bottles are on the conveyor chain, special locking knobs regulate the bars mounted on the chain and on the side rails, so to lock the containers along the line. The operation takes only a couple of minutes, against the four/five hours of traditional lines due to the replacement of stars and feeders. Also the adjustment of operating heads takes place with locking knobs, equipped with tachometer or graduated numbered scales. The set up data for any kind of bottles used are definedĀ  duringĀ  the preparatory testing; they only have to be recalled! But there are models where this operation is faster, because the operator has only to pull up the bottle identification number on the touch- screen of the line. The labelers mounted on Polaris lines are characterized by installation accuracy and adjustment speed. The bottles move with reciprocating motion, so they reach in the optimalĀ  position to receive body label and back label at the same time. Labels delivery is precise to the tenths of a millimeter even on difficult bottles.

Maximum customization

Monobloc customization is due the large number of operating heads that can be installed. Therefore, the lines can be customized according to the specific customer need. Since there are many products that can be bottled, the fillers feature three different methods: by direct vacuum, ideal for dense products (oil or spirits) or for faster bottling; by gravity vacuum, perfect for wine or liquids that produce foam; by pressure, recommended in case of plastic bottles or for particularly dense products such as balsamic vinegar.