Modularity in Innovation design, a chat with P.E. LABELLERS

Modular SL 576

The strength lies in flexibility. It is a fundamental concept that draws inspiration from the development principles themselves. As Darwin demonstrated, “Those who are most capable of adapting to changes survive and succeed”. PE LABELLERS has built its leadership on this key point and for almost 50 years now the market continues to prove it right.

The PE group has made the history of beverages in the world, thanks to its ability to adapt the labelling machines to the new production needs of companies and the increasingly high-quality standards imposed by the market.

Modular SL 1120

How? By always giving priority to our customers. Listening to them, visiting them, studying the different production needs, and understanding their business objectives. This is how, year after year, the requirements of these companies have become PE’s own technological assets. Today the beverage industry, from wines to spirits, mineral waters to soft drinks, and beers to drinkable yoghurts, demands a level of competence and flexibility that can be satisfied not only through a modular approach.

Making an early move, PE responds with smart Innovation Design solutions. These comprise rotary labeling machines combined with independent self-adhesive stations, cold glue, for fiscal and guarantee seals. In addition, there are linear sleeve models with thermo-retraction tunnels. It also avails of special optional solutions such as optical guidance systems, labelling controls, to verify the correct position of the applied labels.

Modular SL 1730

The concept of modularity is extended to every component of the machines, designed in ergonomic solutions and strongly focused on energy savings. This is why many companies in the markets find in PE machines an effective response, which results in real savings and the economic optimization of their production lines. It is therefore not surprising that besides beverages, PE Labellers services the food & dairy, personal and homecare, and chemical and pharmaceutical industries worldwide.

Whatever the automated solution proposed, the key point remains absolute flexibility in combining the different labelling technologies: pre-cut with hot glue, hot glue reels, cold glue reels, hybrid labeling solutions. As always, what is precious must be protected: the ability to provide specialized services according to machine types in every geographical area, and a staff of over 90 technicians globally distributed, represents added value factors.

It can thus count on non-stop assistance, even remotely, specific and cutting-edge maintenance programs, dedicated training at the customer’s facility or the modern PE University classrooms. What’s on the line? Everything.

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