Modular labelling machine


The new Farchioni Oli headquarters, located in Gualdo Cattaneo (near Perugia), in the heart of Umbria, is an innovative state of the art structure with an extremely low environmental impact. Harmoniously nested in this internal area of Umbria, this state of the art establishment has a covered surface of 16,000 sqm (40,000 sqm overall) and an overall extra-virgin olive oil storage capacity of 7,000 tons. The new plant is provided with six bottling lines, each with a maximum daily output of 120,000 packages. The Farchioni oil mill has been an established P.E. LABELLERS client for years. Since 2006, it has, in fact, purchased four labelling machines for the various bottling lines to label their entire range of products. The latest machine we have supplied is the MODULAR labelling machine with 5 labelling stations, installed in 2012 for the 5,000 B/H bottle and demijohn line. A labelling machine equipped with removable cold glue and self-adhesive peninsular units and with over 10 different attachments for various sizes, servomotor-driven plate rotation kit with integrated electronics and colour touch-screen, and an optical centring system on every plate for centring any type of logo on glass or for readouts on the bottle sealing line. Farchioni Oli currently produces more than 35 olive oil proprietary brands of the highest quality, out of which, 20% is represented by private label products.

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