Modular labellers with capsule orientation


At the Anuga FoodTec exhibition P.E. Labellers presents a new range of Modular labelling machines for medium-low speeds designed according to new machine control platforms, with highly automated production management features.

An entire series of models, designed in accordance with the concept of a “centralised machine” with new electronics, more versatile and performing, and with new run-up orientation systems.  The machine will be fitted with a system featuring orientation sensors for capsules, brands on glass surfaces and UV notches.

These Modular labellers will be fully in line with Industry 4.0 standards: the real technological revolution in terms of methods of use, maintenance, and management of productivity with cutting-edge tools, connected to devices such as tablet PCs and smart-phones fitted with specific apps.

In particular, the augmented reality system installed on the Modular machine uses an iPad with a dedicated app that allows the operator to frame the machine, monitor its operating status, and display any alarms, signals or maintenance to be carried out.  With this device, the inside of the electrical cabinet – which in this case is built into the machine – can also be viewed to check its status without having to stop the machine and actually open the cabinet.


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