Level measurement of liquids and solids


The continuous level measurement of Vega sensors allows to detect the product level in a tank or silo with different measurement technologies and to convert it into an electric signal. The level signal can be displayed on site or integrated in a process management and/or control system.

In the non-contact level measurement, the measuring instrument sends out short microwave signals toward the medium via the antenna system. The product surface reflects the signal waves, which are then received back by the antenna system. The instrument calculates the level from the running time of the microwave signals and the entered tank height. Liquids and bulk solids are generally measured with radar technology.

The picture shows Vegaplus 64 installed on a tank. The radar sensor operates with a frequency of 80 GHz with absolute reliability, irrespective of temperature, pressure, dust and noise. User-friendly adjustment without vessel filling and emptying saves time. The main technical features are: measuring range 30 m; process temperature -196/+200°C; process pressure -1/+25 bar; measurement accuracy ±1 mm; beam angle ≥3°. The sensor meets the hygienic requirements thanks to hygienic fittings according to 3A and FDA.

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