Labelling systems for trays


The label in the food industry is used in a variety of applications. This is why Etipack has developed a complete range of solutions, intended for both manufacturing and processing industries, ranging from labelling to product handling to multiple complementary solutions.

Among the solutions proposed for the food industry, the System 4 stands out: A compact and flexible machine for simultaneous top and bottom labelling of products. The machine offers a high degree of flexibility thanks to a labelling system that can handle different product formats, labels and applications.

Thanks to its compact design, given by an open-free carpentry, it allows top and bottom labelling of products in a single meter of length. The system is also characterized by its ease of use, thanks to the presence of an operator panel with intuitive touch screen, and by the solidity given by the use of robust materials and industrial design. Integration with ERP and line data is compliant with Industry 4.0.