Labelling machines for food sector


Packlab belongs to P.E. LABELLERS group and is specialized in self-adhesive labelling systems production. Owing to highly specialized technical and electronic departments, Packlab can provide ad-hoc solutions to meet any demand of self-adhesive application, for a remarkable number of references worldwide. EAGLE range of Packlab labelling machines is particularly suitable for Food sector; models available for speeds from 1.000 to 15.000 p/h, with labelling stations installed in vertical position. EAGLE TD version is suitable to apply self-adhesive labels on the top and on the bottom of the product. Another available version is EAGLE TT with non-stop system, perfect to apply the label on the upper part of the product without line downtimes. EAGLE T module is also available on free standing support, assembled on wheels, easy to be fitted in the production line. State of the art technology and modularity of Packlab labelling machines allow a remarkable precision in application to be achieved, even in case of sudden production speed changes, in order to meet even demanding customer needs. No specific equipment for different formats is a considerable advantage of PackLab linear labellers that guarantee customers remarkable time saving in labelling containers of different size and shape. Packlab is also available to study tailored solutions to help its own and potential customers to meet the ever demanding marketing requirements, by also putting electronic orienting systems at their disposal.

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