Innovations in labelling


Leaders in labelling systems production since 1974, thanks to their wide range of labellers, P.E. LABELLERS and Packlab propose themselves together to better satisfy the application requirements of all production fields.

P.E. LABELLERS offers modular labellers with machine body perfectly adjustable to connect interchangeable labelling stations, with or without cart, giving total freedom to decide which labelling stations to install and when to install them (before, during or after purchasing) for all labelling systems today available in the market: coldglue, hot-melt, self-adhesive, rollfed (the new Adhesleeve Technology was introduced in 2009, the most economical and ecological solution for roll-fed labelling). Models are available for speed from 60 to 1,300 bpm. Specialized in self-adhesive labelling systems, PackLab produces: groups from 20 to 120 m/min; stands for special applications on one side and on the upper and lower part of the product; linear selfadhesive labellers for all kinds of cylindrical and shaped containers of different sizes, from phials to kegs, passing through jars and bottles; front and rear applications, wraparound, top-down, non-stop and linerless applications, keg ribbon and ribbon removal machines, as well as print-apply systems for product traceability. All that is available for speed from 800 to 24,000 bph (special application performance up to 48,000 bph). No specific equipment for different formats is a considerable advantage of PackLab linear labellers thus guaranteeing customers remarkable time saving. The main advantage of having two companies of the same group being your supplier comes from a same technical training and on stock spare parts suitable for both kinds of machines produced. Due to a complete spare parts inventory, both companies can guarantee higher parts availability, which results in timely supplies.

P.E. LABELLERS and the environment
Customer satisfaction is P.E. LABELLERS fi rst priority but, to do this, it is important to point out why a remarkable player in labelling technology decided to structure its business by engaging in safeguarding the environment that surrounds us. It is particularly important to report the considerable work done by the R&D Department – consisting of 12 people who are constantly devoted to the research and study of innovations and supported by a prototype testing department which is an important sign of willingness to invest, as alone it absorbs a certain percentage of the turnover. In recent years, P.E. LABELLERS has provided for the adjustment of its production plants in accordance with the regulations in force with regard to ecology and environmental protection, waste disposal and the recycling of materials. Its labelling machines and labelling stations installed were properly redesigned in order to save energy and to reduce the environmental impact of bottling and packaging lines. The Adhesleeve itself is a technology designed to decrease energy consumption, that does not require the heating of the glue to apply the label, and to protect the environment as it does not use solvents or other chemicals for common cleaning operations. Water-based paints are used for all the painted parts of the labelling machines of P.E. LABELLERS. The decision not to use standard paint solvents has been adopted for some years now. This made internal coating operations of various components much easier, allowing the installation of a spray booth inside one of its manufacturing plants. Thanks to these important precautions, the labelling machines of P.E. LABELLERS help support ecology: less pollution, cleaner work environment and greater respect for the health of the operators.