Inkjet UV digital by INX



The HMJ-250 is a medium-sized and affordable batch ink dispenser built for INX by HMJ tech. This machine boasts many features including fully automated valve cleaning and single point dispensing into any container, from narrow-neck jugs to six-gallon pails. The system is designed to work with HMJ tech’s modular media farm, which can draw from a wide range of sources including kits, drums and bulk containers. Can be customized for any ink room and can be configured for up to 24 stations of water-based, UV-curable or solvent-based inks. The control system offers true, real-time dispensing which can produce a four-ingredient gallon of ink in only 90 seconds. Whether it is a few batches a day or back-to-back production, the HMJ delivers clean, quick and precise dispensing. The NW210 inkjet UV digital narrow web press delivers best-in-class image quality performance with uv led advanced curing technology. It delivers single pass output on any label stock at wicked speeds of up to 80 feet per minute, combining printing and conversion to produce outstanding color printed labels at a maximum printing width of 210mm. It also incorporates a Spartanics laser die-cutting station and Xaar patented technology with multiple drop sizes and color ink channels.