Ingredients for dairy and cheese


With more than 30 years of experience, SCA has developed a range of ingredients and processing aids that help dairy producers: Salimix RIC, Salimix CAL, Salimix LG. With natural ingredients derived from milk, naturally occurring adjuvants, the selection of native lactic bacteria and the use of the Mediterranean production tradition, the final consumer is more protected and guaranteed.

Moreover, numerous technologies developed by the Italian company allow to reach internationally recognized quality levels. Salimix LG is a white granular powder ideal for the mineral salts balance of all the typical liquids in which cheeses are maintained (mozzarella, some fresh cheeses, Feta).

By achieving the correct pH value, surface defects such as yellowing, softening, peeling, and pulping can be avoided. Even Salimix RIC is a hygroscopic white granular powder, ideal for the mineral salts balance of whey and/or milk to produce whey cheeses, such as ricotta. Thanks to this processing aid, a delicate and perfect ricotta flocculation is obtained, respecting the soft structure, with a general improvement of the yield.

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