High storage capacity of depots Coca-Cola from Italian technology

Sandalo (Sociedad Andaluza de Almacenamientos Logisticos), Rendelsur, the independent Coca-Cola bottlers in Spain.

Lyto’s has developed a project for an automatic warehouse, standing perfectly capable of responding to the needs and expectations of the leading bottlers and distributors of the Coca-Cola in Andalusia and Southern regions in Spain.

The customer is one of the leading bottlers and distributors of the Coca- Cola Group products, for the Andalusia and Southern regions in Spain. The need to adapt its distribution logistics to the changes and variable conditions requested by its customers, has imposed in fact the need to concentrate at one place, all existing satellites depots, located in various zones of the region, as well as to increase the storage capacity and the material flows.

The project purposes

Assuming that to ensure the requested flows of material, the only possible solution was to an automatic warehouse with a very flexible and fast handling, in addition there was also the need to concentrate on one area the storage capacity of all satellite depots, located in various places of the Region, therefore need to obtain an high storage capacity and consequently obliged solution to go to a self supporting automatic warehouse. Project of large dimensions, where forces and structural stresses are with high values, warehouse always full loaded, time schedule very short, maximum reliability of the product, could only be Lyto’s the chosen supplier to deal with such an ambitious project. For almost 50 years in the market of the rack for automatic warehouses, with realizations all around the world and boasting cooperation with all major main contractors, Lyto’s took up the challenge presented by this very demanding project, achieving all targets that were planned and following the project time schedule.

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