High coesion and less granulometry


Chocolate, creams and compounds are essentially an heterogeneous mixture of powders and fat (sugar, cocoa, cocoa butter). The most important step in their production is to realize the cohesion of these elements and to reduce powder granulometry till that they are not perceptible for the palate. Mazzetti Renato has patented WA-FA Sphere for these production. The innovation of these systems is the grouping in only one working unit the three main phases for chocolate production: mixing, refining and conching. These plants are suitable for the production of chocolate, different kind of creams, but also for the refining of cocoa mass, compounds and chocolate coverture for ice cream.The complete production cycle, starting from refined sugar, cocoa powder and fat in a liquid state, takes place in two hours and thirty minutes and it produces a chocolate with 20 microns finess. Ingredients can be loaded directly from the top of the machine itself or, more easily in a mixer which facilitate the mixing preparation and transfer it to the operative machine by means of a pump. One mixer is enough to serve till three machines WA-FA, with such a configuration you can obtain productivity around 600 kg/h.

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