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Producing high-quality dairy products with the most innovative technological systems for refrigeration and cooling water production. 

Founded in 1987 and based in Caronno Pertusella (near Varese), CTM Refrigerazione Industriale has developed a long experience in the field of industrial refrigeration. The company, operating in the system and industrial sector, both in Italy and abroad, designs and assembles complete systems for industrial refrigeration, employed in many fields, including milk and dairy. CTM offers advanced technological solutions such as: screw compression units, direct ice-cold water production plants and with ice accumulation, sanitized equipment and electrical switchboards. Moreover, the company provides “turnkey” solutions, post-warranty technical assistance, programmed assistance, and assistance in the regulatory framework.

The installed plant

CTM has recently installed at 3B Latte dairy factory a glycol refrigeration system that includes two distinct preassembled Brine Chiller modules and a Falling Film Chiller plant for cooling water production.

Brine Chiller

Each pre-assembled Brine Chiller group, which cools the glycol as an intermediate fluid, consists of two screw compressors and an evaporative condenser that ensures 400,000 kcal/h cooling capacity. Glycol is stored at -6 °C in a tank from which it is sent to the plant by special pumps, via two loop circuits to feed the cold utilities (such as cells, curing) and to ensure sanitized refrigeration and air-conditioning in the working rooms. The glycol in a 400,000 kcal/h Falling Film Chiller also cools water at -0.5°C temperature, being necessary to the process: the milk must always be kept at 4°C during all stages of production. The Brine Chiller groups, used for the cooling of intermediate fluids, are designed to work continuously and for the most demanding applications. Main characteristics: monoblock configuration; R 507 ecological gas screw compressors with evaporative condensers; a design aiming at maximum energy savings. The electric motors of the driving compressors, evaporative condensers and pumps are controlled by an inverter and, therefore, they ensure a progression of cooling capacity which adapts to production needs. All main functions are also controlled by a sophisticated system of centralized supervision.